Fantasy Pocket


WARRANTY 4 years


The delicately crafted pocket spring, premium quality fillings and extra soft superior upholstery come together to deliver the perfect blend of indulgence and sleeping comfort

  • The 3 zone pocket spring has been designed to lend more support in the center. The lighter springs on top and bottom ensures that the sleeper does not face pain due to pressure points
  • Zero partner disturbance- the individually packed inner spring absorbs weight and compress independent of each other. This means that you will feel almost nothing when your partner moves. With pocket spring our bodies are well supported and are most comfortable, thereby significantly reducing tossing and turning during the night


Spring Range

  • Imported high gsm quilted jacquard knitted fabric
  • Premium MD polyurethane foam
  • Turkish felt
  • Triple zone pocketed spring with sidewall encasing
  • Turkish felt
  • Premium MD polyurethane foam
  • Imported high gsm quilted jacquard knitted fabric


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