Aerocom’s Grand Spring mattress brings the finest quality pocketed springs and a thick layer of pressure relieving temperature sensitive memory foam. The thick top layer of memory foam responds to body temperature and contours as per one’s body shape by creating an individually tailored surface for optimum support and comfort. Later it returns to its original shape, therefore eliminating the need to flip the mattress.

  • HR foam- provides soft dispersion quality and eliminates the creation of any kind of pressure points thus preventing boy ache
  • Latex foam- is high in endurance made with natural ingredients and provides adequate posture support for a stress relieving sleep
  • Thick and luxurious self-quilted fabric in subtle colors adds to the grandeur of the mattress
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Spring Range

  • Imported high gsm quilted jacquard knitted fabric
  • Visco elasticĀ foam or memory foam
  • Latex foam
  • Turkish felt
  • Triple zone pocketed spring with sidewall encasing
  • Turkish felt
  • HR foam
  • Imported high gsm quilted jacquard knitted fabric


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