Fantasy Bonnell



Fantasy Bonnell has a core of interlinked bonnell springs and is adorned with foam layers and quilt of polar fleece cloth. It gives your back the luxury it deserves while easing heavy pressure points of the body.

  • Turkish felt- Turkish thermos bonded felt is an essential component which reduces the sound and movement of springs ensuring that you get undisturbed sleep. Turkish felt also increases the durability and life of mattresses
  • Carbon Manganese Alloy Springs- the bonnell springs are tempered to give better elasticity. They also exhibit the rust and corrosion resistant properties of manganese
  • Polar fleece cloth- gives a soft fluffy feel to the mattress top.



Spring Range

  • Imported high gsm quilted jacquard knitted fabric
  • Premium MD polyurethane foam
  • Turkish felt
  • Bonnell spring with reinforcements and sidewall encasing
  • Turkish felt
  • Premium MD polyurethane foam
  • Imported high gsm quilted jacquard knitted fabric


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