The perfect blend of comfort with Pufoam, 100% Medium Density Polyurethane and support of Extra Firm Grade Coir Sheet, Elegance offers solid and firm support base as well as soft dispersion excellence that eliminate the creation of any kind of pressure points.It comes with viscose cotton Pufoam quilting on all sides.

  • ReBonded foam-This is an open cell foam created from shredded pieces of foam, which is then bound together to form a single piece of foam. This foam is very dense and provides a solid and firm support base. The extraordinary density ensures ample support for the spine and optimal distribution of body weight.
  • Extra Firm Rubberised coir block- Extra firm grade mattress coir block is the perfect solution for people prone to orthopedic ailments. It has extra firmness in center and sides to lend support to our body weight. The firmness is lesser on top and bottom to prevent muscle ache due to pressure points.
  • With 100% Medium Density polyurethane foam Aerocom Elegance provides soft dispersion quality and eliminates the creation of any kind of pressure points thus preventing body ache and gives a soft feel.


Health & Wellness

  • Jacquard knitted quilted fabric
  • Premium MD polyurethane foam
  • Extra firm grade rubberised coir sheet
  • Rebonded foam
  • Extra firm grade rubberised coir sheet
  • Jacquard knitted quilted fabric


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